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7 Ways Slay Queens Have Been Dying Since 2017 Till Date

IMG 2859 - 7 Ways Slay Queens Have Been Dying Since 2017 Till Date

What does a slay queen mean to you? She is in a nut shell that lady who seeks attention on social media.

She is the girl who doesn’t respect her relationship or marriage. She is the most expensively dressed, not decently dressed too. A slay queen doesn’t respect the sanity of womanhood. She does not carry herself with much dignity.

They have so many ‘likes’ on your pictures, wearing heavy makeups too.

Here are 7 ways through which we have seen slay queens lose their lives this year.


Most slay queens are the easiest prey in the hands of sugar daddies and rich men who are conc. ritualists.

They fall victims as a result of their love for more money to buy things which they will use to look more $exy rather than invest meaningfully.


Due to series of abortions carried out or number of peels taken to stop premarital pregnancy, most slay queens have died of so many medically complicated death.

Such death may occur when they eventually marry and they hardly open up to their husbands of their past dirty deeds.


To them, once it ends, it never happened nor existed. They lock up and expect a miracle.


This is another way many slay queens have lost their lives. Such commitments come from men they promised marriage and disappointed, men they squandered their money in the guise of I love you, men they developed excess emotional feelings for and later disappointed.

Their death can happen through R@pe and kill, poison, straight killing or kidnap and Kill.


Most slay queens are queen bees of one fraternity or another.

Hence, any clash with other girls may result in a short out which may affect them too. They join cult to strengthen their wayward lifestyle and seek protection.


Most slay queens, due to the excess men they slept with, have died through one disease or another like HIV, AIDS, Staph, etc. Some of them go with since they have taken pregnancy prevention peel (PPP), without knowing that it doesn’t end there.

Different men, different diseases, stating from rich Alhaji to Yoruba and Igbo.


Most of them, due to their $exual escapades, have being initiated into one marine world or another which they didn’t even know and it will be disturbing them here and there. If nothing is done about it, they mysteriously die and people assume that their marin husbands have come and took them.


Some of them have seen their death through the wives of men they sleep with.

Life is very short and money comes and goes. Use what you have(brain, hands, eyes, mind, conscience and principle, not $ex) to get what you want.

Your life is yours but how you live it affects other people around you. Karma is a B!tch who knows no sorry.

You have a future to protect my dear lady, stop being a slay queen today because the society needs your positive service and I need you to survive.

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