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Best of omah lay 2020 dj mixtape download

Best of omah lay 2020 dj mixtape download

best of omah lay dj mixtape mp3 download


Download Best of Omah lay dj mixtape    , who is Omah lay ?  Download all Omah Lay Songs  and also read his biography to know more about him


Omah Lay Biography

Stanley Omah Didia (born May 19 1997) known professionally as Omah Lay is a singer, songwriter, record producer. He first gained prominence in 2020 after his debut single ‘You’ went viral.   


   He started off as a producer and songwriter in Port Harcourt but only made up his mind to take up singing when he realized he doesn’t get enough credit for the songs he helped create for others. 



 He then recorded and put out ‘Do not Disturb’ and ‘Hello Brother’ in his hometown Port Harcourt which earned him a record deal with KeyQaad - a new record label at the time

So on this article you are going to Download All  omah lay songs 2020 dj mixtape free Download




List of omah lay dj mixtape 2020



  • Dj Op Dot (Best of Omah Lay Mix 2020)

Dj Op Dot Best of Omah Lay 2020 mixtape 

About  Dj Op Dot

Born on October 11 1993, Opeyemi Sodiq a.k.a (Dj Op Dot) is from Ijebu Ode, in Lagos state Nigeria. Download all Dj Op Dot Mixtape 


On this mixtape, it consists and enlisted old and trending 30 songs from Omah Lay, Superbalat & Oxlade. Download and enjoy


Dj Op Dot Best of Omah Lay ( Tracklist)


1. Intro– DJ OP Dot
2. Oxlade – Legend
3. Omah Lay – Ye Ye Ye
4. Omah Lay – Tonight
5. Omah lay – Hello Brother
6. Superbalat – Gidigan
7. Omah Lay – You Alternate Cut’s 1
8. Oxlade – 02
9. Omah Lay – Do Not Disturb
10. Omah Lay – You Alternate Cut’s 2
11. Oxlade – Tables Turn
12. Superbalat – Gidigan
13. Oxlade – Weakness
14. Omah Lay – You
15. Oxlade – Hold On
16. Omah Lay – Lo Lo
17. Oxlade – Away
18. Superbalat – Gidigan
19. Omah Lay – Damn
20. Oxlade – Kokose
21. Oxlade – Craze
22. Superbalat – Shiba
23. Oxlade – Sugar
24. Superbalat – My Love
25. Superbalat – Mama
26. Superbalat – Logomba
27. Superbalat – Omo Local
28. DJ OP Dot – 5&6
29. DJ OP Dot – Gbana Beat
30. Outro – DJ OP Dot I Love Youuuu


DOWNLOAD Dj Op Dot Best of Omah Lay Mix



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