How To Delete Pacer Account | Deactivate Account

How To Delete Pacer Account.

Do you really intend to delete/cancel/deactivate your Pacer Account? Would you welcome our assistance on how to do that?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then, we are here to serve you better. Our lasting solution is just all you need for such a problem.

As a matter of fact, there are various reasons why one would desire to delete his online account. The major reason among all is email spamming from the company providing the service.

Meanwhile, Pacer is committed to carrying out all account deletion requests in as timely a manner as possible. However, it is important to note that account deletion is entirely irrevocable, so you should be very sure you want to delete your account before making a request.

How To Delete Pacer Account

NOTE: Users should request their account be deleted from within the Pacer app and should not contact their support staff to delete their account (So if you contact their support staff, you will be redirected to this page and asked to follow the below instructions):

Follow these steps below to delete your account:

Step 1. Go to the Me Page -> Settings (⚙️) -> Account Privacy Settings -> Delete Account
Step 2. Now, if you have not set and verified your email address, you will be prompted to do so before they can confirm account deletion. If you have set and verified your email address, they will send you an email with instructions to confirm your account deletion.
Step 3. Check your email for and follow the confirmation instructions sent there
Step 4. Once you follow the instructions in the confirmation email, your account will be marked for deletion and will no longer be usable. You will be automatically logged out of the Pacer app on all of your devices.
Step 5. And finally, they will begin processing your deletion request and will delete all of your account-related data from our systems within 14 days.

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